Amber Dutton plays indie-folk-rock in the DC area, a songwriter in love with spoken-word and melody.  She is an engaging live performer- authentic and poetic artistry mixed with lighthearted wit and cynicism and a genuinely relaxed honesty.  Her music is eclectic, reflecting influences as diverse as Ani Difranco, Vampire Weekend, Regina Spektor, Ben Harper, Black Keys and Violent Femmes.  She was voted a chance to play at the 930 Club in 2010 and has been playing local venues in the DC-MD-VA area as well as traveling back to her homestate North Carolina to perform.  She released her first CD- Fireflies and Cigarette Lights in July 2011.

Being Me...I'm from NC (a Marine Corps military brat) and I used to teach Middle School band and chorus...and had my own band called Amber Alley that played a mix of blues, artsy stuff and rock (the artsy stuff was usually my contribution) in Chapel Hill, NC.  When the budget cuts came to the NC Public Schools and Music and Arts were hit pretty hard...and all the old people...I mean people with to keep their jobs, I was just shy of tenure.  So, I had to move on to something else-- but I didn't have much of a plan at that point (it's hard to lose a job you've been preparing for forever).  My husband got a job in DC and encouraged me to follow that dream I'd been mumbling about for a few years now...I want to write music.  We moved to DC, and I sat around the apartment, a little lonely and a little confused about how to become this "songwriter" I had in my mind.  And with some encouragement from some pretty major friends and mentors, I just started writing and kept writing and writing and writing...a year later, I entered a contest to play at the 930 Club and won it!  I know right!  With that ridiculous feather in my cap, I started to take myself seriously enough to make plans to create a CD.  A year later...and I have released a CD (Fireflies and Cigarette Lights), have a pretty steady stream of gigs and know lots of really amazing musicians in DC and even beyond.  Who knew 2 years ago, this is where I'd be...budget cuts totally changed my life! ;-)  Or possibly that refusal to quit I gained as a military kid (or in my Dutton-genetic code) pushed me farther than I'd imagined...or maybe the unquenchable support of my husband gave me enough confidence in the times I ran out of my own...or maybe the stars are lining up...I don't ask too many questions.  I just answer yes if the path presents itself...who knows what the purpose is...but I think I will be able to figure it out as I go along...

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